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for recycling, trash or compost pickup in most parts of Northampton, Florence or Leeds and compost-only and full service in Easthampton! (see the Easthampton service page for details)

Filling out this form does not imply commitment. We'll contact you to discuss service, and to confirm that you are in our service area.

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Compost pickup is included with all trash service.

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We'll send a bill by email and you'll have a week to click on a link to confirm you've received it. If you don't, we send a paper bill.

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We have adopted an optional tiered pricing system. This system acknowledges the differences in income, wealth, and privilege within our community. By asking customers that earn more money to pay more for our services, we can support our worker-owners in meeting rising costs, as well as offer subsidized pricing for lower earners. See our tiered pricing page for more information and guidance on choosing a tier (opens in a new tab). You can also adjust this or ask for more financial reduction later. This adjustment only affects the base price, and doesn't apply to extra charges.

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